We will gradually build The Team and geographic coverage over time but are starting 2019 with a core number of people with a first focus on Europe and China: Who will be the people of he first hour” to contact

John Feyaerts
Business Manager Benelux/France
Highly experienced agronomist and 35 years’ experience as country/ regional manager at Scotts-Miracle Gro, Everris and ICL-Specialty Fertilizers.
Nick Wang
Business Manager China
Nick is our partner in China. He has a big experience in Specialty fertilizers industry. He was country manager at Scotts-Miracle Gro, Everris and ICL-Specialty Fertilizers…
Fred Bosch
MD & Partner
Extensive and global experience in grass seeds and specialty fertilizers due to positions as: SVP-ICLSF, CEO global Everris , SVP global Scotts-Miracle Gro and President Barenbrug Americas and Europe.
Rafael Piñol
Director of R&D
A lot of experience developing range of products of Biostimulants and correctors. He was Director of R&D in Bioiberica . Senior consultant of specialty ferts and Biostimulants.
Mia Falgueras
Business Manager SOUTH EU & AFRICA and Partner
Passionate manager and entrepreneur, focused last fifteen years in Specialty Fertilizers market. He has been country/regional manager at Scotts-Miracle Gro, Everris and ICL-Specialty Fertilizers.
Karl Mielke
Chairman & Partner
Extensive and global experience in Specialty Fertilizers industry due to positions as President and CEO ICL Specialty Fertilizers, President & CEO, K+S North America, Compo…
Cor Kik
Cor has a vast experience in finance functions and M&A and audit professional. He is Partner at Claassen Moolenbeek @ Partners (Partner M&A and financial advisory @ CM&P).
Linda Geevers
Assistant/ Office manager
Linda is our assistant for Bion Holding, International and Benelux. All office related tasks are managed by her. She also is responsible for coordination between the entities.
Patricia Geelen
R&D Coatings
Patricia is an experienced professional, PhD and expert in Coatings and Polymer solutions, specifically controlled release fertilizers. She developed his career, always passionate, on R&D in different companies as ICL, AzkoNobel…and currently also as a consultant in CoPo Solutions.
Dick van den Hengel
Businessmanager Benelux and Export - Bion Benelux B.V.
Highly experienced agricultural specialist and 20 years’ experience as international product manager / regional sales manager at De Heus Animal Nutrition, Biochem and Agrifirm.
Ayra Hao
GM Assistant - Bion China Team
She takes on the position of GM assistant in Bion China Team. The main task is to deal with office-related matters, help the GM to better carry out the business, provide sales support for the team, effectively delivery the decision of the headquarters, and realize the unimpeded connection with Bion Holding. ``Working at Bion will be an unforgettable and meaningful experience in my life.``
Aron Wang
Marketing - Bion International
Aron Wang, from Yunnan, China. At present, he is responsible for the marketing work in Yunnan Province, and hope to know the performance of solbion series water-soluble fertilizer in economic production.
Tom Mo
Sales and marketing - Bion International
Tom Mo, is from Guilin, Guangxi province. In 2007, he graduated from Guangxi Agricultural Vocational and Technical College, majoring in marketing, and began to work in Guangxi New Shengli Agricultural Material Co., Ltd., where he began to sell agricultural materials. He has been in this industry for 13 years, and served 3 agricultural materials companies: Potash Group of Germany, Germany Compo's products have also been sold. He joined Bion International in September 2019 and is currently responsible for sales and marketing development in Guangxi, China.
Benson Lv
Regional Sales Director of Shandong and the Project Leader – Bion International
He joined the Bion China team on April 23, 2021 as the Regional Sales Director of Shandong and the Project Leader of Controlled Release Fertilizer. Engaged in special fertilizer sales for 9 years, familiar with various crop nutrition solutions, good at sales channel construction and management, full of passion and creativity in work.
Claudia Domenech
Customer Service
Clàudia is a Customer Service Iberia. Her main goal is to offer an easy and pleasant experience to our costumers.
  • Business Manager Latin America
  • Business Manager Africa
  • Business Manager Mediterranian Area