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Our values

Cutting - edge solutions through a network of partners in specialty fertilizers and bio-solutions. Our vision is centred around four Guiding Principles:



Our vision stands foremost for “people first”, both as it relates to people within our own team but equally as it relates to our exclusive supplier-partners and customers. We will “practice what we preach” and not only pay lip-service to a goal which is a lofty, common theme in many company’s vision statement but which is oftentimes elusive in its true results. We will nurture a culture of sincere commitment to people and partnerships, loyalty and to respect. We will equally and authentically enjoy each other’s companionship, foster comradery, celebrate our successes and be truly inspiring in order to reach a “next level”, both individually and collectively.



Our creativity and energy will be driven from being a network of entrepreneurial co-owners, friends, partners and supporters whose true interests go BEYOND business objectives. We want to leverage our vast experience and to nurture our entrepreneurial spirits and believe firmly in self-management as opposed to hierarchical oversight. We are also energized to leverage our vast network of contacts to work with reputable and dedicated local suppliers and customers- partners all over the world to forge a close-knitted organization which will help to build successful businesses for each of us.


An uncompromising focus on precision nuttrition, biological nuttrition and what is beyond

Our vision is to be a unique network company to globally source and locally market high-end Specialty Fertilizers, Bio- stimulants and other Biological-input technologies in Agriculture and Horticulture. Our proprietary products and those of our exclusive partner-suppliers will help to change the very nature of growing crops and ultimately the lives of growers-farmers as well as for the environment. By way of these new products, we hope to positively impact the lives of others. As such we have a razor-sharp focus on sourcing and marketing of precision- nutrition- and biological products. Our mantra will be always be about supplying “better products with enduring benefits” for soil, crops, trade-partners and consumers alike!

Complementary through enduring relationships with r&d-partners and partner-suppliers

We will strive to “own” and be vertically integrated in some key technology platforms but also want to strike enduring relationships with leading R&D-partners/suppliers in all parts of the world which can complement our product- line in specific regions, thereby driving our global synergies as a global network-platform.

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