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About us

The Bion Group was established in 2019 with the international Bion headquarters now based in Wageningen, the Netherlands, right on the doorstep of the world renowned Wageningen Agricultural University and the affiliated research stations. We are specialized in the development, sales, and marketing of Bion branded specialty bio-solutions, specialty fertilizers and ancillary products for the turf, horticulture, and agriculture crops.

We are currently active in Europe (mostly Benelux and Spain and export to Germany and Poland) and in Asia (mostly China) but we are starting to expand to other geographical areas.

As Bion Group we strongly promote a strategy, culture and management style focused on sustainable development and sales in the three end-user segments. We equally believe in strong partnerships with suppliers and research platforms across the world. All these together allowed us to successfully built a fast-growing business with disruptive approaches in a short time period. Agility, entrepreneurship, partnership and passion for people and partners are what we are and what we practice.

With zeal and dedication, we continue to expand our portfolio of products and bio-solutions that reflect our mission and vision.

Bion products are developed and introduced to support the rapid shift to sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation methods. Our solutions include biostimulants, water saving products, woodfibre and specialty fertilizer.

Our business model and vision enable us to create solutions that are of high quality, with minimum environmental and health impact and which are affordable for the end user. We are committed to continuously reduce the impact of our operations in support of global sustainability efforts while meeting our customers’ needs.

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