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Bion’s sustainable innovative products for Agriculture with respect for nature

Controlled release Nitrogen Fertilizers, Biostimulants and Surfactants for better water management are the key products in future farmers growing practice

Controlled Release Fertilizers

  • MaxxBion-N and MaxxBion-CRF are controlled release fertilizers for simple use and maximum yield.
  • MaxxBion fertilizers with less applications resulting in lower costs.
  • Environmental friendly due to less nutrient losses and optimal nutrient availability.


  • Biostimulants becomes key in an agriculture world with less plant protection, less fertilizer use to keep sustainable yield to feed humanity.
  • Bion’s Stymbion “family” based on the most effective free amino acids are fitting in this strategy of help plants to become stronger and healthier. Stymbion Sulphur, Stymbion CaB, Stymbion Biota and Stymbion TraceMaxx will play this essential role in making plants stronger and healthier with respect of nature.


  • Water becomes critical the next decades in the agricultural practice and is essential for sustainable plant growth.
  • Environmental friendly organic surfactants helping saving and distributing water in the soil becomes and essential tool for farmers to save cost and are an insurance for optimal growth and yield.

Bion’s vision on sustainable horticulture and agriculture will lead to more innovative products to help growers to reach their goals with respect of nature. For more information on the used products contact your local contacts. 


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