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NewAg International invited Bion’s partner Fred Bosch to lecture at their 2018 course


This program provides a broad picture of the interaction taking place between High Tech Agricultural sectors and shows how Traditional Agricultural practices are changing.
New Ag International is deeply involved as the emerging industry aggregator and leading knowledge disseminator in 6 SECTORS:

  • Plant Nutrition
  • Biostimulants
  • Biological Plant Protection
  • Irrigation/Fertigation
  • Greenhouse Cropping
  • Precision Agriculture

Bion’s partner and founder Fred Bosch lectured a course in specialty fertilizers and interacted with many industry representatives from around the world.

The increasing growth of the specialty fertilizer space but also the global consolidation and the resulting increasing size of the large multinationals in the specialty fertilizer industry were some of the key topics of discussion.

Bion International is a new start-up in the field of specialty fertilizers and bio-solutions which aims to strike unique partnerships with innovation centers around the world to help them market their products in other countries. Bion has recently been able to strike several exclusive partnership- deals and has completed a compelling portfolio of products through world-wide partnerships. From here on therefore, Bion will shift its focus on increasing its regional shareholders/partners and customer base.

Bion equally offers an alternative for local R&D platforms, production entities and sales organizations to work directly with each other without the strong dependence and perceived higher costs of working through one of the large multinationals.

Published: 2021-10-22

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