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SolBion NPK China

SolBion NPK, a new generation of drip irrigation fertilizer produced from very high-quality raw materials, has been made stronger with Bion Chelating Technology system. 

Features and benefits
  • Manufactured from high quality and carefully selected raw materials 
  • Contains a large amount of trace elements EDTA- chelated  
  • Fast and efficient uptake  
  • 100% water soluble. Keeps irrigation system cleaner 
  • Does not contain Chlorine (Cl), Sodium (Na) or Heavy Metal 
  • Low EC  
  • Can be easily used in high pH soil because of the product acidity 
  • Less caking than similar products in the market 
  • Real value for money
How does the product work

SolBion NPK can be used in all soil types and in all weather conditions, making it easier to uptake and transport of macro and micro nutrients in the product. It is also a top-quality fertilizer which is 100% water soluble. It does not encounter clogging problems in drip and spring irrigation systems and keeps it clean. 

This new generation drip irrigation fertilizer with its superior properties does not lead to salt accumulation in drip irrigation system and does not let deformation of plants since it does not contain Na, Cl and Heavy metal in product. 

Therefore, it can be used, starting from the vegetative development period of the plant to harvest periodNo dust or caking problem’s due to its particle size and anticaking content

This fertilizer which has low pH and EC, provides maximum benefit of macro and micro nutrients to plant. The micro nutrients are chelated with EDTA which make them easily absorbed by plant and not bond into soil with higher pH. 

Application of the product 

Soil application: 75 – 150 kilogram /Ha, Interval of 10 – 15 days 

Drip application: 45 – 75 kilogram /Ha, Interval of 7 – 10 days

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25 kilograms