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Omnicote 16 High K 9-9-18+2 MgO-TE 



Ornamental Horticulture 

Features and benefits
  • Controlled Release fertilizer with 100% coating. Contains N, P, K, MgO and the complete range of Trace elements 
  • Designed for crops with high potassium demand or situations where irrigation water contains Nitrogen 
  • Limited mechanical damage during mixing and handling due to the elastic and stable coating 
  • Ensures safe and gradual release even under the most adverse weather conditions 
  • Release necessary nutrients for the development of the plant according to the crop needs over a period approximately 16 months 
  • Release time is controlled by the thickness of the coating and the soil temperature. Is not affected by pH value, substrate type, salinity or type and amount of water in irrigation 
How does the product work

Omnicote 16 High K should be uniformly mixed with growing media before of packaging. 

Fertilized growing media should be stored in a cool and dry environment and used in within 1 – 2 weeks. 

Application on the surface: spread evenly over the bed or surface of the container.  

Application of the product 

The indicated doses refer to unfertilized growing media. Otherwise the recommended doses of Omnicote 16 High K should be reduced proportionally.  

  • Seedlings for transplanting
    3,5 – 4,5 gram /L (sensitive) 
    4,5 – 6,0 gram /L (medium)  
    6,0 – 6,5 gram /L (vigorous) 
  • Plants in containers 
    3,0 – 4,0 gram /L (sensitive) 
    4,0 – 5,0 gram /L (medium) 
    5,0 – 6,5 gram /L (vigorous) 
  • Cut flower 
    90 – 110 gram /m2 
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