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SolBion PLUS 18-6-18+3MgO+TE 

Features and benefits

  • Manufactured from high quality and carefully selected raw materials
  • Contains a large amount of EDTA-Cheleated trace elements
  • Fast and efficient uptake
  • 100% water soluble. This extends the life of irrigation systems
  • Does not contain Chlorine (Cl), Sodium (Na) or Heavy Metal
  • Low EC value
  • Can be easily used in high pH soil because of the product acidity
  • Much less caking than similar products

How does the product work?

This unique fertilizer is produced from high quality raw materials and special organic chelating agents composed with all micro nutrient elements, required for balanced plant growth. The chelating agents increases the efficiency of nutrients in Solbion Plus.

Does not contain harmful components such as Sodium (Na), Chlorine (Cl), Biuret and heavy metals.

Regular use of Solbion Plus with the recommended doses will result in optimum growth, maximum yield and cleaner environment.

Solbion Plus has low pH and EC values, and it does not have a phytotoxic effect, so it is recommended for all crops including very sensitive plants.

Application of the product

  • Spray application: 3 – 4 liter /Ha
  • Interval of 7 – 10 days
  • Use 2 – 3 times in a row

Available in


Available in
25 Kg

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