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GreenBion Liquid Pitch Preparation Mix

Features and benefits

  • Contains spreading and leaf penetrant agents which enhances leaf penetration and leaf coverage
  • Provides relief from summer stress
  • Contains trace elements for improving turf colour and health and assists the plants physiological processes
  • Carbohydrates for an immediate source of energy to the plant
  • Carbohydrates create a shine effect on the leaf blade Complexed iron to enhance chlorophyll content
  • Highly compatible with other turf management products

How does the product work?

The complexed iron is quickly absorbed by the plant to give an immediate green up response which can be seen within three hours.

Greenbion Liquid Pitch Preparation MIX contains a co formulated blend of spreading and penetrant wetting agents, to ensure complete coverage of the leaf. In addition, the spreading and penetrant wetting agents will give the added benefits of short-term dew dispersal and leaf dryness.

Short chain carbohydrates (glucose, sucrose, & fructose) are ideal for foliar feeding. Integral liquids contain a source of carbohydrates to provide immediate energy source for the plant to relieve stress symptoms.

Application of the product

  • Foliar Application Rate: 40 liters per Ha in 500 liters of water.

The product can be used at any time of the year providing the turf surface is dry and rainfall is not imminent.

Can be applied every 4 – 6 weeks throughout the season.

No watering in required.

Available in


Available in
GreenBion Liquid
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