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GreenBion Liquid Blade Conditioner

Features and benefits

  • A turf tonic to correct plant deficiencies for healthy leaf and shoot growth
  • Natural nutrient supply to boost beneficial bacterial activity within the rootzone
  • Will achieve a plant green up response without the use of iron
  • Contains carbohydrates for an immediate source of energy to the plant
  • Stimulates root microbes to improve nutrient uptake
  • Highly compatible with other turf management products

How does the product work?

Greenbion Liquid Blade Conditioner is a microbial stimulant to regenerate the existing micro-organism populations and encourage new root growth due to its unique co-formulants found within the formula.

Greenbion Liquid Blade Conditioner contains Amino Acids and proteins, typically the largest organic-N input for most soils and provide a readily available source N for soil micro-organisms.

Greenbion Liquid Blade Conditioner contains macro nutrients and a plant-based trace element package. This encourages new root growth by the plant utilizing the nutrients and by stimulating mycorrhizal fungi that live in a close mutually beneficial relationship with the plant root system.

Application of the product

Application Rate:  

  • Foliar Application Rate: 20 – 40 liters per Ha in 500 liters of water.
  • The product can be used at any time of the year providing the turf surface is dry and rainfall is not imminent.
  • Can be applied every 4 – 6 weeks throughout the season.
  • No watering in required.

Available in


Available in
GreenBion Liquid
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