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GreenBion Liquid High Magnesium

Features and benefits

  • Corrects Magnesium deficiency symptoms
  • Contains simple carbohydrates to relieve stress symptoms
  • Unique tank mixing compatibilities
  • Formulation enables rapid leaf and root up take of the element
  • Corrects Magnesium / Calcium imbalance in the soil

How does the product work?

Magnesium is important for the maintaining the green colour and growth in the turf plant. Greenbion Liquid High Magnesium provides readily available magnesium for fast uptake by the leaves and shoots.

When stress situations occur, there is a greater demand for Amino Acids than the plant can meet. Greenbion Liquid High Magnesium containing L-form Glycine provides the plant with amino acid it can utilise and can cross the membranes of cells into the root under stress conditions.

When the plant is under considerable amounts of stress it cannot produce enough carbohydrates itself to meet demands. Greenbion Liquid High Magnesium provides a source of carbohydrates to provide immediate energy source for the plant to relieve stress symptoms.

Application of the product

  • Foliar Application Rate: 10 – 40 liters per Ha in 500 liters of water.

Half fill the sprayer with clean water, add the appropriate amount of Greenbion Liquid High Magnesium fill with remaining water whilst agitating.

The product may be used at any time of the year providing the turf surface is dry and rainfall is not imminent.

Can be applied every 2 weeks throughout the season.

No watering in required.

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Available in
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