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GreenBion CRF 21-10-11+2MgO+SO3

Features and benefits

  • Specifically for landscape surfaces or sports training areas
  • 50% Control release Nitrogen provide longevity over a 2 – 3 months
  • Guarantees a continuous nutrient supply that is adjusted to the plant’s needs via high quality coating
  • The added magnesium ensures rich and healthy green color
  • Few applications per year needed Gradual nutrient release encourages balanced growth with fewer cutting peaks
  • Normal granular fertilizer: 3 – 5 mm size average

How does the product work?

Greenbion CRF is designed for big surfaces or maintenances areas, where few spread fertilizations are required and where cost is a limitation.

Controlled release Nitrogen at 50%, provide available Nitrogen for both a quick reaction and slow release.

Suitable for use on turf surfaces mown above 15 mm.

Tailor made service available; formulation can be adjusted to your needs.

Application of the product

  • 30 – 45 gram/m2

Available in


Available in
GreenBion CRF
25 Kg

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