Bion vision is to be a company with a culture and management model consistent with sustainable development. It is a company that generates credibility, trust and respect amongst its employees and in the markets and communities where it operates.
The philosophy is based on ensuring that its businesses and projects are consistent with its vision, being a company committed to reduced emissions, leading social action in the communities where it is present, and being an organisation that stands accountable for its compliance with sustainability, in accordance with the principles of Responsible Care®.


The Bion Code of Business Ethics aims to establish the basic principles of behaviour with which all the companies belonging to it, and its employees and managers, must comply.The Bion business and professional activities shall be carried out in strict compliance with the applicable laws in each of the countries where it operates.Ethical integrity: based on the value of integrity and in accordance with the principles of honesty, it rejects any form of corruption, and respects the particular circumstances and needs of all the parties involved.Respect for human rights: every action by the Bion and its employees shall fully respect the principles of Human Rights and Civil Liberties enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The group is committed to reducing impacts on the environment and health, and ensuring personal safety and material security. It is committed to continuously improving its processes, distributing and supplying products posing the least possible risk to people and the environment throughout their useful lives, while meeting customers’ needs as far as possible. It is committed to continuously reducing the impact of its operations in support of global sustainability efforts.


The Bion’s management system encompasses all the standards, internal and external, regulated by the certifications to which all group companies adhere. Depending on the country and/or division, Bion complies with the most appropriate standards and certifications for the execution of its business.


Bion promotes a working environment defined by respect for its employees, and is engaged in their training and professional development. It promotes a diversity of opinions, perspectives, cultures, ages and genders. It provides its employees with professional development opportunities in accord with their skills, and fosters a motivational work environment in which the employee is respected. Similarly, it promotes clear objectives, effective leadership, competitive compensation and the recognition of achievements. And it facilitates conditions allowing workers to balance their personal and professional lives, within a framework of equality and dialogue.


Bion pursues continuous improvement, periodically setting quantitative and qualitative targets, and tracking their achievement through the corresponding performance indicators.