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Maxxbion Micro SRF 5-28-0+16MgO



Microgranular Complex Fertilizer with Slow Release Phosphorus. Root activated technology. 

Features and benefits
  • It is a complex and unique fertilizer 
  • A fertilizer with continous release of  nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium on plant deman  
  • The gradual release enhances root development and promotes a healthy and homogeneous plant 
  • Each microgranule contains the same amount of nutrients in a homogeneous way 
  • Guarantees uniformity in the distribution of applied nutrients 
  • Optimal root development 
  • Reduces leaching losses with maximum nutrient utilization 
  • Consequently, a constant, uniform and deficiency-free growth is facilitated 
  • Maximizes the contribution of nutrients to your crop and minimize the environmental impact of excess losses or washing 
How does the product work

These granules are soluble in citrate and their phosphorus is not blocked or lost. Root-Activated technology promotes phosphorus absorption and allows higher performance and minimal nutrient loss.
It should be applied well localized at sowing. 

Application of the product

Low Application Rate: 50  70 kilograms/ Ha 

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25 kilograms