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Greenbion Zeolite 0-0-9+30CaO+3MgO+TE 



Microgranule mineral amendment 

Features and benefits
    • Pure volcanic mineral, with high porosity 
    • High cations exchange capacity 
    • Natural fertilizer 
    • Improves soil structure 
    • Increase root development 
    • Absorbs excess nutrients 
    • Minimizes leaching 
    • Improves drainage 
    • Is a natural and environmentally friendly fertilizer 
    • Beneficial to soil organisms 
    • To be applied with machinery 
    • Granular size: 0,8 – 1,5 mm
How does the product work

Absorption of various cations resulting in better soil quality. Stimulating root development because of increased aeration of the soil. The porous rock increases aeration of the soil. 

Application of the product 

Application Rate: 100 kilograms  1000 kilograms / per Ha     

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Available packaging

big bag 600 kilograms – big bag 1000 kilograms