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Greenbion Mini CRF 11-05-20+2MgO+SO3+TE



A complete controlled Release Mini Fertilizer. Include our unique Biostimulant Stymbion, Magnesium, Sulphur and Trace elements. 

Features and benefits
  • Advanced Nutrition for Top surfaces 
  • 40% Control release Nitrogen 
  • Longevity 2  3 months 
  • MiNi granular fertilizer 
  • Average size:  2 mm 
  • Enhance uniform growth, turf health and colour
  • Perfect for autumn season
  • Our unique Biostimulant insideStymbion 
  • Uniform mini granule size for perfect spread distribution. Possible to apply at low dosage
How does the product work

Excellent performance via gradual release and colour effect focused on autumn season. Create plant density. Controlled release provides 2  3 months longevity. Mini granular size helps to apply the product with full coverage and optimal spread. Fairways, stadiums and landscaping where top quality is required. 

Application of the product

Application Rate: 20  30 gram/m2 

Available in


Available packaging

25 kilograms bag / 1225 kilograms pallet