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Greenbion Micro SRF 6-0-27+SO3+B+Zn+Cu+Fe+Mn+Mo 



Slow Release Microgranular complex Fertilizer. Include our unique Biostimulant Stymbion.  

  • Microgranular NK fertilizer just made for top surfaces. 
  • Suitable for summer season or programs with low level of Nitrogen 
  • Slow nutrients release over a 6-8 week period. 
  • Uniform particles for perfect spread distribution 
  • Resistant to leaching 
  • Full pack of nutrients and trace elements focused to stress period. 
  • Combined with Magnesium improving plant colour. 
  • Controlled growth due to low nitrogen content 
  • Contains growth enhancing Biostimulant 
How does the product work

Ideal for applying as a pre-stress or during summer season. Low nitrogen content and high potassium provides compact growth and strong turf. Magnesium improve turf colour and package of micros give healthy turf without deficiencies.  

Application of the product

Application rate: 20 – 60 gram/ m2

Available in


Available packaging

20 kilograms

How does the product work

AQBION Fairway Contains different surfactant technologies, to ensure the product is a complete moisture management tool.

Uniform Spreading and Penetration 

AQBION Fairway Wetting Agent blend of Co Block Polymer surfactants. This provides superior spreading and penetrating properties to ensure the turfgrass surface is dry. Any subsequent irrigation or rainfall naturally penetrates through the upper level into the rootzone. 

Water repellency  

The Co Block Polymer surfactant creates a thin interface of water which is attached to every water repellent soil particle site. Soils treated with AQBION Fairway Wetting Agent ensures there is no accumulation of hydrophobic lipids on the soil particles, this restores and maintains a low water repellency rootzone.  

Water Conservation 

The Co Block Polymer surfactant strongly binds to the sand and soil particles and remains attached through irrigation cycles and heavy rainfall periods. This ensures correct water management within the rootzone enabling a longer period of water conservation and stress reduction on the turfgrass which works simultaneously through irrigation cycles. 

 Stress Relief though Moisture Management  

The Co Block Polymer surfactant ensures sufficient moisture management through any drought period. This ensures the plants roots remain deep and established through drought periods. This conserves water that is lost through surface evaporation while optimizing water. 

Application of the product

AQBION Fairway Wetting Agent can be applied at any time of the year. For best results use in early spring through to autumn.  

Application rate 3 – 5 liters per Ha in 600 – 800 liters of water, watering in is optional but not required. 

Frequency: monthly if required 

Available in


Available packaging

10 liters, 200 liters