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Greenbion Micro SRF 26-5-11+2MgO+Mn



Slow Release Microgranular complex Fertilizer. Includes our unique Biostimulant inside, Stymbion. 

Features and benefits
  • Microgranular fertilizer just made for top surfaces 
  • Best for greens and football stadiums 
  • Slow nutrients release 
  • Longevity of 8 weeks 
  • Every granule same nutrients (complex fertilizer) 
  • Uniform granule size for perfect spread distribution  
  • Good nutrient retention and resistant in soils 
  • Is a high N to push growth  
  • Provide a strong color an uniform growth 
  • Granular size: 0,8 mm a 1,mm 
  • Could be applied at very low dosages  
  • Standard dosage is 20 – 30 gram /m2 
How does the product work

The Microgranular size, provide best possible dispersion and coverage to all surface where you apply.  

Ideal in spring season, when push grow and reach colour and density.  

Also maintenance for top surfaces. The good size offer you the possibility to use very low dosages and maintain uniformity. 

This product provides the best performance and effect.  

Application of the product 

Application Rate: 20 – 30 grams /m2

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