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Greenbion Micro organic 4-6-10+2MgO



Organic fertilizer NPK.

Features and benefits
  • Micro-granular organic fertilizer just made for top surfaces
  • Optimum NPK high K with MgO
  • Every granule contains same nutrients
  • Uniform granule size for perfect spread distribution
  • Good nutrient retention and resistant in soils
  • With Enhancer Biostimulant of free amino acids (organic certified)
  • Combination of several sources of organic nitrogen and naturally sources
  • Balanced long-term nutrition
  • Granular size 0,7 – 1 mm
How does the product work

Organic fertilizer high k, provide you constant growth without risks. You can reach hard and dense turf.

At same time stimulates microorganism life and improve soil structure.

Application of the product

Application Rate: 25 – 30 gram/m2

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Available packaging

25 kilograms