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Greenbion Micro 6-5-10+SO3+6FE



Complex Mineral NPK Microgranular.

Features and benefits
  • Micro-granular fertilizer just made for top surfaces 
  • Complete NPK Fertilizer 
  • High Iron content gives stronger turf color reaction 
  • No Nitrate Nitrogen, we only use Urea and Ammoniacal Nitrogen source 
  • Suitable autumn/winter season application 
  • Readily available nutrients 
  • Every granule contains same nutrients 
  • Include our unique Biostimulant insideStymbion 
  • Uniform and homogenous granule size for perfect spreading distribution 
  • Quick reaction for fine turf  
  • Enhance uniform growth, turf health and strong colour
  • Product size:  0,8 mm 1,2 mm
How does the product work

The Micro granular size, provide best possible dispersion and coverage to all surface where you apply.  

Ideal in autumn/ winter season, to harden turf.  

Also helps to control moss. 

Improves health and appearance of fine turf. 

Application of the product

Application Rate: 25 – 30 gram/m2 

Available in


Available packaging

25 kilograms