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Greenbion Micro 20-5-10+2MgO+0,5FE+SO3



Mineral NPK complex 

Features and benefits
  • Micro-granular fertilizer just made for top surfaces 
  • Complex Fertilizer 
  • Doesn’t contain nitrate 
  • Every granule has the same nutrient composition 
  • Contains Biostimulant Stymbion 
  • Uniform granule size for perfect distribution 
  • Could be applied in low dosage 
  • Quick reaction for fine turf  
  • Enhance uniform growth, turf health and color 
  • Granular size: 0,8 mm a 1,2 mm 
How does the product work

Good performance providing initial grow reaction and strong colour effect focused on spring season or in general as maintenance at low dosages 

Creatplant density and green effect 

Mini granular size helps to apply the product with full coverage 

Application of the product

Application Rate: 20  30 gram/m2 

Available in


Available packaging

20 kilograms