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Greenbion Liquid Potassium Silicate 



A concentrated form of potassium silicate containing humic acids, readily absorbable by the plant. 

Features and benefits
  • Silicium supplied in a readily absorbable form for the plant 
  • Increase in wear tolerance 
  • Suitable for high traffic areas to promote growth 
  • Disease resistance as part of IDM program 
  • Uniform cutting height 
  • Stands up grass to aid removal of Poa Annua seed heads when mowing 
  • Increased cell wall strength 
  • Faster green speeds 
  • Contains humic acid acting as a natural complexing agent 
How does the product work

The silicate strengthens the cell walls and gives rise to two of the main benefits of Silicate application; increased disease resistance and more erect leaf growth. 

The stronger more erect leaf and stem growth promoted by Silicate application gives the turf an increased wear tolerance. Also, as it stands up the leaf blade more vertically it gives a ‘cleaner’ cut when mowing and aids the removal of Poa Annua seed heads.  This can increase green speed and visual aesthetics of the turf. 

Application of the product

Foliar Application Rate: 10 liter per Ha in 500lts of water.

The product can be used at any time of the year providing the turf surface is dry and rainfall is not imminent.  

Can be applied every 2 weeks throughout the season.  

For tournament preparation, apply 2 to 4 days before start date for maximum results.   

No watering in required. 

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