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Greenbion Liquid 26-0-0+TE 



Greenbion liquid 26-0-0+TE is a liquid fertilizer with increased performance via leaf and root uptake. It is highly compatible with other turf management products and has excellent spread ability on the leaf. 

Features and benefits 
  • Increased performance with leaf and root uptake 
  • Optimal molecular size and structure allows high availability of nutrients 
  • Stimulates chlorophyll concentration which leads to improved photosynthesis 
  • Will not produce flushed growth when applied 
  • Highly compatible with other turf management products 
  • Dual application rate for foliar and root uptake 
  • Excellent spread ability on the leaf via a surface acting polymer. Allows for complete coverage 
How does the product work 

Greenbion Liquid 26-0-0+TE is a liquid N-fertilizer which contains naturally derived simple carbohydrates. These short chain carbohydrates (glucose, sucrose, & fructose) are ideal for foliar feeding. Greenbion liquid fertilizers source of carbohydrates provides an immediate energy source for the plant to relieve stress symptoms.  

Containing trace elements to provide the plant with a range of important micronutrients which help overcome any deficiencies found within the plant and increase the plants health e.g. root production and leaf strength. 

Application of the product 

Application Rate: 

FoliarApplication Rate: 20 – 80 liters per Ha in 300 – 500 liters of water.   

Root Drench Application Rate: 20 – 120 liters per Ha in 600 – 900 liters of water.    

Application frequency depends upon nutritional requirements, applications typically applied at 2  4 week intervals throughout the growing season.  

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