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AQBION Penetrant DS 



Contains highly active spreading and penetrant surfactants to improve the penetration of excess
moisture in the thatch layer deep into the rootzone

Features and benefits
  • Highly effective at reducing the surface tension of water providing superior penetrant properties 
  • Achieves deep soil penetration and provides excellent water infiltration rates 
  • Reduce surface water and puddling, encourage deep rooting 
  • Can be used as a water conservation agent to maximize the effectiveness of irrigation requirements 
  • To help with drought management especially on areas that require high irrigation inputs 
  • Can be used to assist flushing salts of carbonates in saline root conditions 
How does the product work

AQBION Penetrant contains a specific blend of wetting agent technologies, including spreading and penetrating agents to penetrate through the thatch layer into the rootzone. AQBION Penetrant wetting agent can be used to remove excess moisture away from the playing surface and as a water conservation tool, to ensure irrigation water penetrates through water repellent soils.   

Excess moisture 

AQBION Penetrant will limit periods of excess moisture and create a firmer playing surface to aid the playability of the green or football pitch.  

Cultural controls can be extremely effective within an integrated disease management strategy. Thatch layers act as a “natural sponge” absorbing and retaining moisture near the surface. This surface water will help aid in the spread of this disease as it will allow for the spores to contact nearby healthy plants. Limiting moisture with the use of AQBION Penetrant within the upper surface will minimise the spread of the pathogen and reduce infection rates. 

Water conservation  

AQBION Penetrant can also be used in conjunction with irrigation water to ensure water penetrates down through into the soil profile quickly. This conserves water that is lost through surface evaporation while optimizing water performance from irrigation or rainfall. The product is ideal to be used on associated fairways and outfield areas which require high water input to sustain plant health. 

Application of the product

Excess Moisture 

Apply AQBION Penetrant at 10 liters per ha in 500 liters of water.
Due to existing excess moisture environment, watering in the product is not required. 

Water Conservation Agent 

Apply AQBION Penetrant at 5 liters per ha in 300 – 500 liters of water
It is recommended to water in the product after use to improve irrigation efficiencies. 

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10 liters, 200 liters