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A dual-purpose soil surfactant providing both vertical and lateral dispersion of water, improves the
initial wetting and subsequent rewetting of agricultural soils to reduce irrigation requirements in
agriculture and ornamental.  

Features and benefits 
  • Ensures uniform wetting of the growing media or soil 
  • Helps to maintain optimum moisture levels in the growing media or soil
  • Reduces the number of dry spots or excess water in the growing media and soil
  • Optimum balance between water and air spaces
  • Allows growing media or field soil to dry more evenly  
  • Allows the plant to grow into 100% of the media
  • Management of water and reduction of labour and disease  
  • Improved distribution and uptake of nutrients and other media incorporated products
  • Healthier growing conditions and reduced stress in plants
  • Improves the water holding capacity for all types of rootzones 
How does the product work

When irrigation water is applied from above it follows the path of least resistance downwards through substrate, this is often areas of existing moisture as often does not travel to areas of little or no moisture. This reduces the area the plant is able to grow due to, limiting moisture, space and nutrient availability.  

AQBION Dual OH/ AG Wetting Agent improves the initial wetting and subsequent rewetting of agricultural soils or a substrate in horticulture like Coco, Rockwool and Peat based substrates.   

AQBION Dual OH/ AG Wetting Agent allows for a uniform spread of water though the substrate having a positive effect on the growth of the plant. AQBION Dual OH/ AG Wetting Agent is not crop specific because it changes the properties of water to ensure water is more available to plant roots.  

This will improve water and nutrient distribution by expanding the root zone wetted area where larger, healthier root systems can develop as better availability of nutrients result in greater quality/ yield benefits.  

The Co-Block Polymer surfactant strongly binds to substrate and remains attached through irrigation cycles.
This ensures the product is not washed through the substrate and the effectiveness is not lost.

AQBION Dual OH/AG Wetting Agent works simultaneously through irrigation cycles and when irrigation with
water thereafter.


Application of the product 

Application Rate: 1  2,5 liter/Ha 

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10 liters