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Bion Micro Boron Lignosulphonat

Features and benefits

  • Useful to control Boron deficiency symptoms
  • Increases the resistance of the plants
  • Strengthens the fruit stalk

How does the product work?

BION MICRO BORON is one of the key micronutrients responsible for flower and pollen formation and growth in order to have a healthy plant development. It is an important fertilizer that promotes crop yields, improve plant health and quality, and gives higher profits to farmers.

Should be used on crops that are sensitive to BION MICRO BORON deficiency like apple, sugar beet, banana, celery, potatoes, tobacco, sunflower and vegetables to prevent diseases like, heart rot in beets, brown rot in cauliflower, cracked stem in celery, brown centre disorder in turnip, brown spot in potatoes and tip burn in alfalfa. Boron is also recommended for other crops especially in certain climates and soil conditions.

Strengthens the fruit stalk and promotes the formation of flowers and pollen by increasing hormone activity. Increases the durability of the plant by strengthening the cell wall as it supports the uptake of calcium involved in cell wall formation. BION MICRO BORON is a powerful product that is actively involved in increasing sugar mobility, accelerating cell division and helping plant development. It accelerates the rooting by accelerating the formation and development of hairy roots. Increases the resistance of the plant against cold, heat and physical effects.

BION MICRO BORON should be applied in early stages to avoid appearing of un-recoverable deficiency symptoms.

Application of the product

  • Foliar application: 50 – 70 milliliter /100 liter water

Available in


Available in
10 g

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