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Root Me Rooting Complex

Features and benefits

  • Encourages root growth and overall plant development
  • Improves soil organic matter and Humic-Fulvic content
  • Increases micro-organisms in soil
  • Improves soil structure and water retention and lifting capacity
  • Prevents ionism by breaking the salts and lime
  • Facilitates nutrients uptake

How does the product work?

Improves soil physical and chemical structure by making it less saline, more fertile, more balanced physical structure, and increases the amount of microorganisms thanks to its content of organic matter and Humic & Fulvic acids.

ROOT ME Facilitates nutrient uptake behaviour in sandy soil and calcareous soils. Unused nutrients which are present in clay soils are converted into carbonates, oxides, Sulphites and Hydroxides in soil. ROOT ME gathers those nutrients that are ready in the soil to keep them around the root zone so that the plant can use them easily. In sandy soils it facilitates nutrient behaviour in root zone due to washing of nutrient elements. Facilitates and chelates macro and micro nutrient uptake by plants. It provides a solid foundation for quality production.

Application of the product

  • Soil/Drip /Root application: 4,5 – 9 liter /Ha
  • Foliar application: 50 – 100 milliliter /100 liter water
  • Seedlings: 50 – 100 milliliter /100 liter water

Water immediately after spraying to ensure the product penetrates into the roots

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Root Me
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