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Fruit Me Fruit Setting Mix 1L

Features and benefits

  • Designed to promotes flowering and fruit setting
  • Encourages plant growth in general
  • Strengthens fruit stem
  • Increases grain formation in cereals
  • Increases yield and shelf life

How does the product work?

A special formula designed to accelerate flowering, pollen formation and fruit setting. Contains 3 micro elements that support flowering in addition to a flowering plant growth regulators and vitamins. FRUIT ME also promotes vigor fruits and longer shelf life. The Molybdenum encourages the Rhizobium bacteria in soil to capture Nitrogen from air. FRUIT ME has shown a positive effect in increasing the yield due to its ability to promote the formation of starch and sugar. It is a great product to increase the yield and quality of crops that are rich in vitamin C due to the vitamin supplements in the product along with Molybdenum content which in known to support synthesis of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in plants.

Strongly recommended for plants that are sensitive to Zinc or Boron deficiency like Apple, Cotton, Corn, Olive, Vegetables, Soybean, Onion, Sugar Beet, Potatoes and Sunflower.

Application of the product

All crops can be used throughout the growth period.

  • Soil and Drip application: 6 – 9 liter/ Ha
  • Foliar application: 100 – 200 milliliter/ 100 liter water

Available in


Available in
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