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Bion AminoGold 1L

Features and benefits

  • Unique quality
  • Universal use
  • Very effective and safe
  • 100% Natural product

How does the product work?

BION AMINOGOLD is an innovative bio-stimulant formulated from natural collagen using a unique process of enzymatic hydrolysis. Due to this unique process BION AMINOGOLD contains only free L-form amino acids and peptides of very low molecular weight, commonly termed oligopeptides.

The active ingredients of BION AMINOGOLD are therefore 100% bioactive and can be fully absorbed and utilized by the plants. Once applied it will be rapidly absorbed by the leaves and immediately incorporated into the metabolic processes of the plant.

Application of the product

  • Foliar application: Use 200 to 300 milliliter / 100 liter of water (0,2 – 0,3%), wetting the whole plant well
  • Soil/root application: 4 to 6 liter / Ha in the final part of the irrigation

Available in


Available in
1 L

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