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MaxxBion Micro SRF 19-22-5+21SO3

Features and benefits

  • Fertilizer NPK complex, microgranular, containing slow release nitrogen and Biostimulant inside
  • It is a starter fertilizer that facilitates a fast and deficiency-free crop establishment
  • Provides your crop with the nutrients it needs for a longer period of time
  • No losses due to leaching or evaporation
  • Each micro granule contains the same amount of nutrients in a homogeneous way
  • Guarantees uniformity in the distribution of the nutrients applied
  • High sulfur content that favors the availability of phosphorus
  • Facilitates a continue and uniform growth without deficiencies

How does the product work?

Product free of dust or dense that hinders its application.

Average granule size : 1 mm

Low % of chloride

Includes in its basic composition the Biostimulant Stymbion. An exclusive product of high quality and purity Amino Acids.

Application of the product

  • 50 – 70 kilograms/ Ha

Available in


Available in
25 Kg

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