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GreenBion Micro SRF 19-22-5+SO3

Features and benefits

  • Microgranular fertilizer just made for top surfaces
  • Slow nutrients release over a 6 – 8 weeks period
  • Every granule contains same nutrients
  • Uniform granule size for perfect spread distribution
  • Good nutrient retention and resistant in soils
  • With Enhancer Biostimulant, free amino acids, Stymbion
  • Is ideal for use as a pre-seeding fertilizer or when laying turf
  • Slow release of nitrogen ensure that the new sward is supplied with nutrient to establish a photosynthesis

How does the product work?

The Greenbion Micro SRF provides best possible dispersion and coverage to all surface where you apply.

Ideal during over-seeding period or when laying turf.

Slow-release nutrient sources minimise salt levels to enhance germination.

Application of the product

  • 20 – 30 gram /m2

Available in


Available in
GreenBion CRF Mini SRF

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