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GreenBion Micro Complex 12-5-5+9FE

Features and benefits

  • Micro-granular fertilizer just made for top surfaces
  • Complex Fertilizer
  • High Iron content gives stronger turf color reaction and reduce presence of moss
  • No Nitrate Nitrogen, only use of Urea and Ammoniacal Nitrogen source
  • Ideal application in cooler conditions
  • Readily available nutrients Every granule has the same nutrient composition
  • Contains unique Biostimulant, Stymbion
  • Uniform and homogenous granule size for perfect spread distribution
  • Quick reaction for fine turf
  • Enhance uniform growth, turf health and strong colour
  • Product size: 0,8 mm – 1,2 mm

How does the product work?

During winter applications provides quick assimilation of nutrients, so visual reaction and strong colour effect.

For quick turf reaction. Strong product performance in scenarios where slow release is not an option.

Ideal in autumn/winter season, to harden turf. Also helps to control moss.

Application of the product

  • 25 – 35 gram/m2

Available in


Available in
GreenBion Micro
20 Kg

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