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GreenBion Mini Complex 7-5-22+2,5MgO+TE

Features and benefits

  • Mini granular fertilizer. 2mm size average
  • Complex NPK fertilizer
  • Include unique Biostimulant inside, Stymbion
  • Just made for top landcape surfaces or sports training areas and Fairways
  • The added magnesium ensures rich and healthy green color
  • Gradual solubility Perfect spread distribution
  • Could be used at low dosages

How does the product work?

The Greenbion Mini Complex provides best possible dispersion and coverage to all surface where you apply.

Ideal in summer season or pre-stress periods.

The good size offers you possibility to use very low dosages and maintain uniformity.

This product provides the best performance and effect.

Application of the product

  • 20 – 30 grams/m2

Available in


Available in
GreenBion Mini

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