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StymBion Ornamental

Features and benefits

The exclusive enzymatic process used prevents the breakdown of functional groups and the racemization of the amino acids present in the original protein, producing only free L-α-amino acids. The result are pure amino acids that comes from the original source, no added mineral or other substances. It has an organic certification and is recognized for its purity.

The intrinsic characteristics of the product allow the amino acids to be rapidly absorbed by the plant cell, and incorporated directly into their metabolism, which the plant uses immediately in the vital processes of each phenological stage, playing an important role either as structural molecules or as functional molecules.

Our unique production process provides us, an amber liquid color, consequence of our enzymatic hydrolysis process, without the presence of salts or solvents typical of other chemical processes. The black color is typical from other production process, made with some acid or heavy products, that provide a black and dens product as a result. Remember that pure amino acids are transparent and soluble like sugar.

How does the product work?

A greater development of the cultures, as stimulating factor for the plants, activating numerous physiological processes that provide a significant energetic saving, which is especially beneficial to any situation of stress (frost, drought, hail, salinity, root asphyxia, phytotoxicity, etc.).

Enhances the action of other products in the mix, such as pesticides, deficiency correctors and phytoregulators, by facilitating the entry of these compounds into the plant cell, thus improving the effectiveness of such treatments.

Is rapidly absorbed by the plant through roots, leaves and stems, so it can be used by foliar route by spraying or applied through the roots by means of fertirrigation or any other technified irrigation system.

Application of the product

  • Foliar application: Use 200 – 300 millimeters per 100 liters of water (0.2 – 0.3%).
  • Radicular application: Use at the dose of 5 to 10 liters per hectare, incorporating it in the final part of the irrigation.

Repeat the treatment by performing 2 to 4 regular applications along the entire vegetative cycle.

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